Intellectual Property Counseling

World-class intellectual property portfolios are formed through tactful planning and strategic alignment with your overall business objectives. Creating a partnership with legal experts can help ensure that your IP strategy is designed to generate value. With a combined 150 years’ worth of in-house experience at major global companies, the Han Santos team is uniquely equipped to provide both offensive and defensive strategies. In time, the interplay between your various IP assets can compel lucrative opportunities and legal options that are appreciated by the world’s most successful international enterprises.


The experienced privacy and cybersecurity attorneys at Han Santos

  • Fortune 500 telecommunications company
  • Two Fortune 500 software companies
  • Fortune 500 software services company
  • Two Global 1000 semiconductor companies
  • Video and mobile gaming
  • Electric vehicle technologies
  • Cellular networks and devices
  • Semiconductors
  • Nuclear
  • Defense
  • Data security and privacy technologies
  • Computer software and networks
  • United States
  • Mainland China
  • Taiwan
  • European Union

Intellectual Property

Core services



  • General Patent Counseling
  • Portfolio Management
  • Engineering Outreach/Invention Harvesting

Data & Machine Learning Models

  • Protection of Proprietary Data Sets and Training Models
  • Transactions Around Proprietary Data Sets and Training Models
  • IP Protection of Machine Learning and Cognitive Network Algorithms

Strategic support at all stages

For new businesses, you need a strategy that helps you enter the marketplace and supports growth or an eventual merger or acquisition.

For established businesses, you must evaluate your roadmap and design a strategy which reduces the friction of entering new markets and establishing brand identity in global markets.

If you have a dispute with another company, you need a legal partner that is highly capable of finding solutions, but who also knows how to fight and win back your carefully built rights from potential infringers.