Digital Assets, Branding & IP Transactions (IPX)

Licensing your intellectual property can expand your revenue streams and propel your business into new markets. Other companies are willing to pay well established brands for use of their IP assets in their own products and services. Capitalizing on these opportunities while protecting your IP investments requires diligent legal guidance. The Han Santos team has in-house experience helping companies build some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including T-Mobile and Warner Bros. We can help you successfully identify licensing opportunities, turn potential adversaries into partners, and defend your assets.

Technical Expertise
  • IP centric licensing and partnering transactions
  • Standards-essential patent analysis
  • Governance, regulatory, and compliance
  • University and third-party open innovation best practices
  • Licensing agreements for NFTs and Metaverse
  • IP protection and monetization strategies for data sets and data models
Key Disciplines
  • Video and mobile gaming
  • NFTs and Metaverse
  • Electric vehicle technologies
  • Cellular networks and devices
  • Semiconductors
  • Energy (Nuclear, Alternative Energy, Electric Vehicle Charging)
  • Defense
  • Data security and privacy technologies
  • Computer software and networks

Digital Assets

Core services


Media & Technology

  • Pre-publication content review
  • Third-party content acquisition and licensing
  • Website terms of use and policies

Licensing & Transactions

  • Licenses/Licensing
  • Software Licensing and Subscriptions
  • Contract Review

Trademark & Branding

  • Brand Counseling
  • Procurement and Prosecution
    • Foreign and Domestic Filing
    • Foreign and Domestic Drafting
  • Policing/Enforcement

Federal & State Trade Secrets

  • Trade Secret Based Transactions
  • Trade Secret Misappropriation Causes of Action
  • Content Management


  • Content Management
  • Registration
  • Open-Source Clearance
  • Strategic Copyright Advising
  • Audio/Visual/Performing Arts Advising


  • Standards Setting Organization Representation and Standards Development
  • Setting Up IP Pools for Consortia
  • Standards Centric IP Licensing

Data & Machine Learning Models

  • Protection of Proprietary Data Sets and Training Models
  • Transactions Around Proprietary Data Sets and Training Models
  • IP Protection of Machine Learning and Cognitive Network Algorithms

Gaining returns on your IP investments

Your business name, logo, domains, and design elements are the face of your brand identity. The brand sets the initial tone of the customer experience, connects deeper over time, and hopefully results in brand loyalty. The stronger your brand, the stronger the opportunities are to capitalize on your IP investments - and the stronger the need to defend those assets. Together we can transform your IP investment into actionable legal options for your business, boosting your brand and elevating customer interactions.


The Digital Assets Team

Meet the team.

“Pat and his team have an uncommon ability to break down complex matters and communicate them in everyday terms. They quickly and effectively helped us with diligence IP and trade secrets at target acquisitions, reducing the burden on the internal team and keeping the acquisition on time and under budget for legal expenses.”
– Alfred Poor, CEO Ideanomics