July 20, 2022 |

International Privacy News Roundup – July 20, 2022

UK fines Clearview AI €7.5 million

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has fined Clearview AI €7.5 million. Clearview collected more than 20 million images of people’s faces and data from publicly available information on the internet and social media platforms in order to create an online database. The people were not being informed that their images were being used in this way.

EU’s Proposed AI Regulations

The EU’s proposed Artificial Intelligence Act has received thousands of potential amendments, identifying issues such as the broad definition of AI and proposing complete bans on biometric recognition.

France’s data protection agency publishes FAQs on Google Analytics enforcement

The French data protection agency (CNIL) ruled that the use of Google Analytics by French website operators resulted in the transfer of personal data to the US in the absence of any sufficient safeguards, violating Chapter V of the GDPR in light of the Schrems II Case.

The CNIL has explained that merely having in place standard contractual clauses with Google is insufficient to meet the requirements of the GDPR; there must be additional legal, organizational, and technical measures required.

Further, the CNIL explained they believe certain security solutions to be ineffective, such as adjusting configuration settings in the Google Analytics tool and encryption, while highlighting potentially effective solutions such as certain proxy server use and EU based audience measurement solutions.

Canada deems Tim Horton’s all mislead users

Federal and provincial privacy authorities concluded in their investigation of Tim Horton’s app that Tim Horton’s continual and vast collection of user’s location information, even while the app was not open, violated Canadian privacy laws.

The app misled users to believe the permission given for access to the mobile device’s geolocation features would only be accessed when the app was in use, while that data was collected so long as the device was on.


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