Laura Ashton


Before joining Han Santos, PLLC, Laura Ashton owned and operated Ashton Accounting for 11 years. Her specialty has been bringing organization, fiscal clarity and predictability to growing firms as well as established businesses. She also brings over 18 years of experience from small and medium companies in accounting and business leadership roles. Her past experience includes Controller for a Portland Manufacturing firm as well as administrative and leadership roles working for the Archdiocese of Seattle as their go-to troubleshooter filling in urgent needs with many Seattle parishes.

Laura has always chosen her clients carefully, making sure her personal goals and aspirations are a match for the firms she chooses to ally with. Han Santos, PLLC is one of those companies with vision, creativity and a passion for being a trusted partner.

For Laura, W.E. Deming’s secret to success, “…Comes from repeat Customers. Customers that boast about your projects or service, and that bring friends with them.” Behind Laura comes a very long list of repeat customers, referrals and friends.


  • Bachelor of Science, Oregon State University

Languages Spoken:

  • English